Our Commitments

We're delighted to share our commitment to sustainable tourism with Flockeo. Beyond the hype, this commitment has three main thrusts. The first is to improve the living and working conditions of our most disadvantaged local partners. All travelers who wish to do so can make a donation of 10 euros to help develop the structures and infrastructures of the Xocen cooperative in the Mexican state of Yucatán.


The funds raised will be used to purchase equipment needed to improve living conditions in the village. Secondly, because financial solicitation is not the solution to everything, we propose that travelers give of themselves through experiences in the field. They can give their time to the Kanan Kab association, which is working on reforestation in and around the city. Depending on the period, they can participate in a stage of a tree's life cycle. They can even adopt one!

Finally, the action that is closest to our hearts: material donations. We collaborate with 2 associations, Yucatan Giving Outreach and Solyluna, both of which help and support children in need in Mérida. More information to come!


In addition to these actions, our agency offers numerous activities with communities all over Mexico.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that we have begun the process of obtaining Travelife certification.

Mexplorer is committed, join the movement!

Our Mission

To be a responsible company in favor of sustainable development, broadening our multicultural approach through the implementation of concrete actions, with two main objectives: improving the indigenous condition and safeguarding our environment, in proportion to our growth in Mexico.